I'm currently living in beautiful Dragør and working in Copenhagen, Denmark. I work as a graphics artist, creating concepts, UI, illustration, animations, R&D and motion graphics in the gaming industry.   

Since 2003 I've been working as a professional graphics artist. I started working for the commercial business doing motion graphics, print and web advertisement. I soon switched into the E-learning business. Creating fun and engaging environments for teaching school kids math. After 2 years I began working as a freelancer in 2008. Among the different jobs I got hired for, was doing interior design. It was here my interest for painting really got sparked and I began developing. At first, only scribbles on paper, it then progressed into watercolors and acrylics. My love for birds and cartoons inspired the Bird Reynolds series - a love child between a Bird, Micky Mouse and the 80's actor Burt Reynolds.

With the introduction to the iPad, I incorporated that and got hooked. I jumped right into tablet drawing. At first, only with the index finger and later using a pen creating portraits. 

So, if you have a good idea, or a question please feel free to contact me.       



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